Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Treasures of the Week: FIRST EDITION

I was kind of mulling over ideas to post on this thing, when I thought "why not make a segment of the amazing things created by talented people that your aimless and titanic amounts of spare time drives you to find." I actually don't spend an average of 16hrs a day on the net as you may all think. Mainly because...
1) If the sun is out, I hate wasting a good day.
2) I have two great books that need reading & avoiding them feels like I will fail an imaginary exam, which is just as much pressure as a real exam.
3) My tolerance and care factor for the content on twitter these days has dropped from 10 to 5. Though, it does change regularly depending on whether the Beiber/Gaga fans are online.

But...when I am online, I really don't know how exactly, I suppose that's just the mystery of the web, or just the uncontrollable urge to click related videos over and over and over...but I do come across some pretty sikk finds whether its videos, clothes, articles, food or anything really. And so in my attempt to practice unselfishness, I want to share my Top 5 Internet Treasures of the Week. How nice. And this my people is the first edition.

Just to note, these aren't in any sort of order of coolness, they're just numbered.

1) The Whites Stripes - Seven Nation Army (Dubstep Remix) by Glitch Mob
Came across this from watching the G.I. Joe 2 trailer , arghh can't wait till the movie drops! And this has pretty much been all I've been listening to the entire week. I like me some White Stripes & I like me some dub-step...together?? Nooooo waaayyy. A Grade mix, I tell ya.

2) ChillStreet - SaveMart
Tell me whhyyy this is like the weekend story of hipsters or just people who go on some mad vintage/2nd hand store hunts. The lyrics are a good laugh and giggle and the beat make you wanna bop ya head like you on some summer time 90s Hip-Hop buzz. Props to ChillStreet for reppin SaveMart. Kiwi's keepin' it real old schoool, as well as some useful money saving tips.

3) Miike Snow - The Wave
I realize this is turning into "Video Treasures of the Week" lol, but I swear it's only because these have been the only treasures I've found so far. But do not fret this is the last of them. So, Miike Snow is a super talented Swedish Indie band compromised of 3 guys. This video is disturbingly beautiful. The grand and bare landscapes remind me of dreams I've had in the past. That electronic base and marching drum set hypnotizes me down that long, wide, lonely road. It's said that those "specimens" in the black pants symbolize mainstream pop music infecting the youth. No arguments there.

4) Maccas in Narnia
Yeah, its true there's one in Narnia. It looks like this. This picture made me our stupidity, because this is probably what we should be eating instead.

5) Blaine by Nicole Naone
Ms. Naone is both model AND artist, skrillz much? She did this piece at PowWow Hawaii last year. The inspiration behind it lies within her experiences when conversing with other artists and professionals, as well as a good friend of hers (Naone, 2011). I came across this and I couldn't stop staring into it. The lines and the negative spaces hold and tell different stories. I want this on a T-shirt.


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