Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chocolate Tarts.

With all the reblogging and brief introductions out of the way I can finally start blogging as I please and when I please.

I have been cured of the "mixing bowl madness". Or at least some of it. I still scour the internet high and low in search for the perfect chocolate cake recipe or dream recipes that I would make if I had all the right tools and resources. Lately, I've developed the sudden urge to create something new and out of my comfort zone yet still well within my consumption zone. The first, a chocolate tart and the second, a lemon angel food cake. If Natasha from the "mixing bowl madness" days saw the Natasha now, she would probably be well impressed with my improved capabilities to put together something so "fancy". Or she would tell me I was a fiend and that she can't believe I am still on this baking buzz. Moving along, I found a preeeettttaaayyy simple and sweet chocolate tart recipe, which I have been buggin to try for the past 2 weeks! The thing is, I am on a pretty strict health low-carb/No junk diet, which allows for one indulgence day. This day is TODAY. It's actually tomorrow, but I couldn't wait, so I'm whipping up these bad boys today, in preparation for tomorrow. Yays all around. The one thing that could kill the entire hype of this chocolate tart, is if it goes horribly wrong. And I think I speak for most people, when I say that when something you slaved and fussed over turns out crap it ruins your entire mood and you never want to bake again...for the next day or two anyway.

The verdict: The pastry for the tart involved a bit of hard labor. Getting your hands and back into it to form the dough and roll it out. I thought I did a 6/10 job. I don't have a large tart pan, instead I have a tray of 6 tart cups, so pressing in the pastry became a little fiddly. The chocolate filling was easy as brownies. A saucepan, cream, milk, melted chocolate, sugar, salt and stir, I found myself tweeting between ingredient additions. After finally pouring that sweet smelling filling into the pastry to pop back into the oven, like clockwork came the words, "I swear this better work". And I am sooo sooo happy to say the end result was fantastic, It's no restaurant worthy tart, but its pretty good for an amo haha. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Here's the link for this scrumptious and very easy recipe! You'll be a crowd pleaser for sure with this one.

Picture: (1) Finished Tarts (2) Choice of chocolate for the filling Cadbury Dairy Milk & Energy dark/rich Chocolate

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  1. IIIFF we had an oven I would be trying out all your recipes. DARN!!