Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shirt Swag that I Need.

The last time I watched a video with my jaw to tha floor the ENTIRE time was "Bizness" by tUnE-yArDs, which was a while ago. And I know I'm probably really late with this, but after abit of blog stalking, I came across this video by Lianne La Havas called "Forget". I don't really know why I clicked play, I think it was the name, but man am I glad I did. BECAUSE I literally had my mouth open the entire time, gawking at her amazing shirts!! Sooo sooo beautiful I could swim in them. But she's also gorgeous and its's also abit of a gangsta anti-love ballad/don't mess wit' me jam with some silky smooth vocals. Seriously though, those shirts are killinngg mee! *school girl scream*

Since we're talking about jaw-droppers, why not post "Bizness" by tUnE-yArDs. This is probably my favorite video of 2011. The entire video is what I like to imagine myself as looking and feeling after a week of no sleep and too much sugar. Enjoy.

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