Saturday, March 31, 2012

Street Culture.

What are some things that first come to mind when you hear "street culture"? The concept easily translates into so many diverse forms of expression, ideals and actions all depending on social, cultural and political contexts. What street is to me can be completely different to what it is to you, right? Our experiences of street culture are never static but are constantly and consistently influenced and even more so now because of our ever minimizing world. Our understanding of street culture extends to our current and past locations and the attachments and experiences acquired from these places. But then, there are things like the media, music and art that permeate through our global borders, creating an almost direct experience which we subconsciously and consciously apply to the experiences of our real life locations. We see it all the time in the way that Pacific Island kids emulate the street culture of the streets of Compton or Long Beach in the forms of gangs or attire or the graffiti art that kids might see onYouTube, which they try in their own neighborhoods, thus implementing and establishing a whole new street culture of graffiti. Then, there are those who identify street culture with danger, bombs, death and violence. It's amazing how radically the same things can separate one group, yet bring another together, for better and for worse.

Today I was thinking about what it meant to me. A whole range of things came to mind - Stussy, respect, graffiti, skaters, street kids, blockades, evangelism, curfews, sport and hang-outs. I laughed to myself abit when I realized Stussy was the first thing that came to mind. When I think street, I feel like Stussy encompasses the basic principles of street in terms of a brand any way - graffiti, skate, liberation, one love, style, global and rawness. I've been such a big fan for a while now and I really am a sucker for the stuff. I remember being in Tokyo and wanting to cry when I spotted the Stussy store tucked away in this small alley.

Stussy store I visited in Tokyo

In my attempt to look like a man this Winter, Stussy is a definite go-to for all the curve hiding, tent-like attire that a cold girl will need to brave the Winter chill. I actually just stocked up on a whole pile of the stuff today, so that could be the reason why it came to mind haha. But in all truth, it is something I automatically associate with street culture. Street culture is such an interesting concept to pick apart. In relation to our Pacific Island youth living in the islands, I wonder how this concept is influencing the way they relate to the world.

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