Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dub-step just got MORE GANGSTA.

So a couple weeks back I went to this INSAANNNEE dub-step show with Bulletproof, Kidz In Space and ShapeShifter. Prior to this, I was already sold on dub-step... one word skrillex. But then after a while I was thinking "Man it would be cool if there were a few gospel dub-step tracks" ....*EUREKA MOMENT OF THE WEEK* ...Google Search: Christian Dub-step. I was pretty ecstatic over the results and the mass amount of Christian DJs out there with some legit mixes and tracks. And Just when I thought dub-step couldn't get anymore gangsta... I found this song that BLEW MY MIND "Awesome God" Dub-step remix by this guy called Robert DeLong. Christian or not, this track will pull your heart out! If you weren't a fan of dub-step before, prepare to jump this speeding wagon.
Picture: Kidz in Space at the show I was at

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