Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Call me Narharrshha?

Let the reblogging commence! And how perfect, this one is a little introduction of myself.

It’s 3:41 am and due to a lack of common sense, I have decided not to sleep but…to write my first post! *cue cheers, trumpets, drums, confetti and token Island “cheeeheee” *. My eyes fold before me, yet my internet habits have created in me fingers that continue to type even without a brain or eyes. So, here I sit pondering what it is I can write that would arouse even the tiniest, hair follicle of an amount of interest from anyone. To show you that I’m quite normal, I’ll start with the basics, I live in the deep south of this beautiful globe…New Zealand. Never heard of it? Me too. Cool. This isn’t home but it’s where my feet are planted. I’m Fijian, Fiji is Home. I grew up here and there, experiencing the best of both hemispheres. And I am a Christian. *gasp, screech … “but don’t Christians love Jesus and stuff!?” yells random in American accent (I don’t know why, its an automatic background voice) *. Yes …yes we do and fortunately He loves us too, sleep deprived & all. I just want to write a blog about things that keep my head ticking and thinking, so lets chill!
Picture: Shades - RayBan Warefarer 54mm, Crop Top - Sass & Bide

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