Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Refresh Button Someone?

Yeah does anyone know where the refresh button for my life is? Yeah let's not get dramatic. So I only just realized that I actually have two blogs, it's how I roll, what can I say? It's not. I'm an idiot. A good friend of mine, Fehi asked me on twitter a couple days ago if I blogged because if I did she would read it. So of course, like any other NORMAL human, I asked myself, "do you blog Natasha? DO YOU??". It took me only a second to realize I don't. BUT. I did. How's that for a climax and the use of three fullstops? And thus, the search began for my long lost blog(s) that I had abandoned in the far away dark crevices of google's endless piles of unfinished videos and cropped out pictures of Justin Beiber's gf Selena Gomez replaced by some wide-eyed 12yr old girl. I struck luck with blogger, finding this little gem. But I started to wreck my brain abit because I swore I wrote some ramble about making my parents fat and being obsessed with baking like I was training for cupcake wars. Still struck by what Fehi had said, I was determined to find blog number two. Searching through the frustrating and annoying jungle of blog listings, including wikipedia's blog definition, FINALLY SUCCESS! thank you for being surprisingly difficult to find by such an accalimed search engine, you are not amusing. I found my fat parents post AND a few others that I admit are abit embarassing BUT HEY!! I'll probably laugh about it later when I get a "report abuse" click for posting them. So just for comeback sake and the attempt to fill up this empty glass of a blog I will be "reblogging" as they say, from my own self of course. And this is where the refresh button becomes the moral of this story, click it because this blog just got refreshed. HAR HAR. I know. say no more. Although, I will say...welcome back Narrtarrshaarr, try not to leave this one next to those J.Beibz pics again ay.

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