Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fight Night

Picture: My Own (1)The Cousin up to no good, (2) Guys boxing to Foster the People.

Instead of my usual spinster-esque Saturday by the fireplace, stroking 13 cats, sipping on chamomile tea with an over-sized multi-colored scarf hauled around my neck. I went to my cousin's Pakuranga Rugby League club fundraiser. How did they fundraise? BOXING. I called him before asking what would be a good time to come down, also slipping in the question "what time's your fight?" AS IF this was Rocky 7 and fighting was just a daily occurrence. Yeah we really like to kid ourselves. The fundraiser was pretty packed...with ISLANDERS. Typical. No one was safe from the deafening "cheehoos" and screams of "give him a kick", "time-out ref" or the classic "not like that, LIKE DIS". Ahh yess the beautiful beginnings of a riot, lucky there was enough pork and chicken there to keep people in line. The first few fights were surprisingly really entertaining and fun to watch. But I have to say the stars of the show were the two sign girls rocking bikinis of some sorts in the ring. I vowed never to touch sugar, fat or carbs again watching them walk around. That vow ended when I laid eyes on all that pork. Notable moments of the night? Watching the first pair of guys beat in each other's faces while Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People floats in the background amidst the broken english and explicit cheers, my cousin taking some crazy hits from a crazy fighter, PROPS to you mayne, asking my cousin for a sandwich and him coming back literally with 1 slice of bread and a massive heap of pork on top.. What I gained from the night? A reminder to youtube every single one of Mohammad Ali's fights.

Picture: My own. Me chillin in the back like a scout. Shirt - Evil Twin, Slouch Cardi - Grab Denim, Skirt - American Apparel

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