Sunday, March 25, 2012

Payable Only by Death


Most people have their all time favorite artists that transcends time, trends and current sounds or markets. We all have those few artists that we hold close to our hearts because their music is iconic, timeless, nostalgic, empowering, relatable, they offer an expression of our inner selves.

I listen to alot of "hipster" music...I suppose. I can't believe I just admitted that. I completely understand if you don't want to be friends. Indie, Alternative, Electronic, Folk etc. all of that good stuff. But it's funny because my all time favorite artists don't exactly fall under those genres. Is anyone else the same way? Or am I the only one living a paradoxical life? I only want to mention one of those all time favorites for now, as an attempt to keep this fairly short and sweet. P.O.D ...Payable Only by Death, remember these guys? They created those killer rock tracks "Alive", "Youth of the Nation" and "Goodbye for Now". Yeah well....hands down these guys I will love to the grave, I have every single album, live track, demo, mixtape, remix blah blah. I honestly feel like I can take on a tank when I have them blaring through my earphones. But it's more than that, they are trying to reach a lost generation in a way that our elders have forgotten. I really feel like their challenging the norms upon which we look at Christianity, I listen to them and feel a revival, it's insane. It's been quite a while since they've released anything new, but FINALLY they're recording a new album and will be on tour next month!! I am beyond thrilled, and now even more when I read that they're touring NZ!! Thank you God for soldiers like these guys.

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