Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Winter.. say what?

Picture: http://www.federation.co.nz/winter-collection/mans.aspx

Winter's inevitable chill is upon us. Actually not quite. The days are still reminiscent of a useless and ALMOST absent summer, even though it's suppose to be Autumn. I can still get a little dark if I'm outside long enough, so to me that's a good enough sign that Winter is still a month or so away, Thank God! And I think I speak for alot of girls living in four seasoned atmospheres when I say, Winter weather killbuzz, Winter fashion HAAEEYY!! Initially my enthusiasm did not reach as far as the fashion aspect, because I hated layering, wearing pants and scarves. BUT...like the seasons, preferences change. And because of a certain Federation, this Winter I will be looking forward to spending lots of time in the men's section, looking and dressing like a man. How's that for enthusiasm?? Sigghhh...I love all of these pieces, at first I thought, "If I was a boy..." BUT THEN I THOUGHT "gotta work with what you got" #boyswag.

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