Sunday, March 18, 2012

Askew Solo Show

Pictures: My own (1) exhibit (2) "The Right Frontal Lobe" (3)&(4) "Pakeha On Crazy Island"

This show was even more amazing in person. The canvases were HUGE. The images and color seemed to wrap itself tightly around my eyes and pull me in. I was fixed and overwhelmed at the talent & creativity. How is it possible that this would come from a normal functioning brain? As soon as I walked in, I was was reminded of my lack of skill. As soon as I read the exhibit booklet I wished I had a cool 5mil sitting around so I could rack up these crazy pieces. I went with my cousin and we both agreed on the "Pakeha On Crazy Island" as being our favorite. I mean honestly, the piece is perfect, it's the epitome of the current Pakeha generation's mindset. It explores so many social, historical and ancestral contexts. I read it and thought "ohh okay, I've always wondered how this generation's Pakeha perceived their place & identity on this island". Its just so interesting, you're glued to the words wanting them elaborated. I also really liked "The Right Frontal Lobe", which screamed comic book art for me and gave me Comic book batman flashback. If you're in Auckland, it ends on Thursday, you need to see it!

Before we headed over to Askew's show, we stopped off at my neighborhood pie/bakery store. Mmmmm...

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