Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fiji Trip

Almost 4 weeks ago now I took a wee last minute trip to my island home Fiji to take care of a few bits and bobs. I stepped into warm, humid air painfully expectant. And I left knowing I would and was never the same person that I arrived.

On a beautifully moonlit Friday evening I found myself on a slice of paradise. Little did I know that from the moment I would step out of that airport God’s perfect plan had already been laid, before the beginning of time.  Saturday morning would be the start of my perfect adventure with Him and those who He handpicked for me to share it with. It all began to unfold on that Saturday evening, at my cousin’s 21st, WHICH I just so happened to time.

I’ve never witnessed anything so beautiful my entire life. There was an unmistakeable feeling of perpetual relentlessness in the room. A space filled to the brim with broken hearts & spirits poured out in complete awe of a love that could shake a young man to his core. I sat there trying my hardest to take everything in. Never letting a single word slip from memory. My cousin, my friend, my brother, my superstar stopped for a few seconds to catch his breath before he honoured a list of people he held before him. I cannot help but see greatness and impossibility bow before his feet when I look into his eyes. His tears showed briefly as he honored the first person on his list. And like a sword swirling with fire, his words cut & burned into the hearts and minds of every person exposed to it. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I don’t deserve to know such a person like him, but by grace…

He ended the night by washing the feet of 6 of his best friends. My heart sank. A birthday, a day we celebrate ourselves? Should we not instead celebrate those that made those very years possible? This night I would never forget. If ever I saw Jesus walk amongst us, it was this night.

I later found out that one of my best friends was in the country. Seeing her was like finding sunshine on a cold day, warm and never wanting it to leave. Sharing our stories, laughs, food and gyming like time had never past us by. And through her I reconnected with a long lost high school friend who’s smile ignites me with joy and who’s stories are like gems that I secretly packed away for safe keeping. I also managed to spend time with a great friend that I share a soon becoming unhealthy Brooke Fraser obsession with. And imagine all this stemmed from that warm Saturday evening. I am not perfect but His plans always are and for some strange reason I still fit in them perfectly.
These four pictures sums up all we did together, eat, gym, smile & laugh.
I cannot forget to mention one more thing that continued to prove just how perfect this trip was. Family. I stayed with my aunt and uncle who I look up to as perfect examples of a couple who yearn and seek God's love more than anything else. I was also able to see both my grandmothers and cousins. Each time I see them, with deepened marks of wisdom on their faces and fading color on their heads I am reminded that I cannot for a second forget that with them is where I started, where I am from.
visiting my grandmother from my father's side. They gave me a little special graduation honor :)

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  1. I hope that you don't mind. I somehow stumbled upon your blog and was really moved by this post. its so humbling reading about the 21st birthday that you just described, a very rare sight indeed and inspiring on so many levels. Thank you for sharing it