Saturday, September 22, 2012

Color shhmullerr

I have probably been told a trillion times by my good friends that I need to wear more color, to the point where one of them actually asked me whether it had to do with some deeper brewing emotional issue. I am not a goth. I did make it a new years resolution (9 months ago now) that I would wear more color, but that plan failed as soon as I thought it. Though, I think it is safe to say that people tend to gravitate toward the darker, dull, gloomy colors and shades come the long months of winter. But, dark, dull and gloomy is in no way anti-style, nor is it  an ostracized phenomena. Like all things fashion, the more unique, strange and second look worthy a garment is the more "in-style" it becomes. Therefore, I embrace it all! Proof that dark & dull can still be cool? 


Photos by Fur Insider
Top Left: Dior F/W 12, Rick Owens F/W 12 & Gareth Pugh F/W 12

Despite the fur overload and face wraps/ it just me or are designers setting us up for careers in robbery? Joking, anyway. Head to toe in the dark & dull, but look at these girls don't their faces just scream "I don't need no color, because I can't actually see any color with this head mask on, this is great!" And with this I am able to justify why my closet looks like I pulled the entire thing out of an oil spill. 

NZ saw a winter of bright colored denim, from canary, burgundy, teal, deep blues to pink, blue and green pastels. As well as mammoth amounts of floral prints on every second pair of legs that walked past. It was a bright Winter to say the least. Knits were/are the necessity and will most definitely be again next season. They say Winter is going to be crazy colored and patterned again next season. I really need to get back to Fiji and out of winter before painting rainbows and flowers on your face becomes a fad. Though, if next seasons winter looked like this and I won the lottery I may tear up my passport...

From top to bottom: Jil Sander F/W 13, Prozenza Schouler F/W 13, Haider Ackerman F/W 13

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