Sunday, July 29, 2012


4 hours of waiting. We dared not move from position as time grew closer. Darkness fell on thousands of anticipating faces. Chants of a single name began to brew from behind us and powerfully come alive when glimpses of a possible beginning was seen amongst moving shadows. "KIMBRA, KIMBRA, KIMBRA." Four figures appear in swift but careful fashion. They begin on their instruments, sending the crowd deep into roaring excitement. No sign yet of the one to whom the single name belongs. Then as if out of nowhere she runs out blazing with a rainbow colored flapping and moving dress with a black jewelled corset and black boots. Her infamous dark as night crop bounced as she flashed a bedazzling smile at the crowd. The spotlight hit her exposing mesmerizing beauty. As she kicked off her first song, everyone just stood there unmoved, paralyzed and transfixed trying to take in her energy. All I could hear around me was astonished gasps and exchanged comments of "she's so amazing, what the hek!?", "are you serious, shes so beautiful!" Waves of disbelief swept the arena. When she dropped the beat for "Warrior" we all seemed to snap out of our hypnotic state and straight into some serious fist pump and head bumping action. This has been one song that's been on replay on my Ipod and I tell you, hearing it live was just another level of excitment for me.

Kimbra's live voice is powerful, soaring and without blemish. She grips the crowd with the emotions and stories in her songs. When she sang "Call Me", I felt the giddy confidence that the song imbued, it was crazy to see her acting out it's very words. She danced, jumped and head pounded like no tomorrow, all with pink tambourine in hand. She also played a rendition of "Settle Down", using an iPad to create loops of her live voice. I've only seen her do that on Youtube (see below), but as I said it before seeing it live is when you really appreciate that kind of skill and talent. She is one of the best, if not the best live performances I've seen so far. Seriously, if you ever get the chance, you cannot miss her!

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  1. Newly converted Kimbra fan lol love that live performance video. MEAN!