Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Letters to my younger self: Part 1

Dear 14 year old Tash,

I know you hate it here. I know you miss your friends in Canberra. You're lost and you're not yet willing to find your way. I'm going to write a few of these especially for this exact moment when you're sitting on the floor, the carpets a bit rough but you don't mind it. And you have that song on replay - you know the one. 

You don't understand the concept yet, but you're a Third Culture kid (TCK). All those years of being a nomad alongside your parents have lost its magic. You don't want to leave anymore, this time it hurts. 

And you probably won't believe or understand me when I say this but your adaptability is more complex and robust than you know. There's a transient dynamic ingrained you - don't forget that.

Yeah grab a dictionary, we educated now.