Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dear Sister

My sister you are worth more than the world. There is nothing within these blue walls that can ever determine your beauty or your worth. 

You have not deserted her
Your time is a puzzle
Pieces we are not to assemble
Only moments to enjoy
You are glorious
And in her pain she will know
You will carry her tiring limbs and aching bones
You will not let her feet set against jagged rock
She will be yours until time is complete.

She will breathe you in
And consume your life
Let the world speak
But only to you she will listen
Keep her away from her reflection and mirrors
that tell her to change.
She will only look into you and see herself.
Her true self.
And in you she will see wonderous beauty.
Scars, blood, sacrifice and love.
The marks of Brilliance
the same marks that cover her.

You have not deserted her.
And you will not.