Sunday, December 4, 2016

Letters to my younger self: Part 2

Dear 14 year old Tash,

I'm going to fast forward a few years - this second letter is about someone you become best friends with much later. You never would've picked it. But God was aligning your paths before you even knew the others name.

I'm going to share this particular moment with you, so that you understand that some friends are seasonal and some hold a lock and key to your life, infinite bodies that stand the test of time. And by some miracle you get a handful of those.

You're in your mid-20s...yeah you get old, it's not so bad actually. You can eat like it's your birthday every single day and no one can stop you.

Long story short, in the months, weeks and finals days leading up to your best friend leaving for China, you'll be right there through all the tears, the hate and the laughs. Keep making her laugh, it'll keep that fire in her burning.

Two weeks before her "big night", I know you hate spoilers so I won't say what it's for.  You're going to fast and stand in the gap for her, but she's not going to know. No one will know - keep it that way. Keep praying in the quiet place, He's going to cover you both. Because guess what? You're going to China to see her.

Ok girl, look...China is going to be difficult and it's going to leave you lost. Listen carefully when I say this - you're not going to make it on that plane to see her, you're not even going to get on the next available flight because they're all booked and you're going to disappoint your best friend.

Take a breath.

He has covered her.

All the fasting and prayers whispered in bathroom stalls, cried over wooden floors and sung into the night...and all you're going to do is watch that plane pull away from the terminal. And you're going to want to cry. Don't. 

Take a breath.

Remember what God taught you in the quiet place. Turn around there's a woman watching you. She'll help you. She won't understand you, but she'll see it in your eyes. Make sure you thank her, thank everyone.

You'll need to find your luggage. They're going to point and laugh at you, you're going to walk in circles for hours and you're going to find yourself sitting on the cold tiled floor of Beijing airport - stranded. 

Take a breath.

Remember what God taught you in the quiet place. You have no idea, but there's a woman praying in her Beijing apartment. She's asking God to lead her steps today, and He's going to lead them to you.

Take a breath. He has covered you.

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  1. Just read this again cuz. Hits closer to home now. Bless you.