Friday, June 1, 2012

Old People got Killer swaaag.

I watched this one time and was in complete amazement. This video is an incredibly accurate version of how it went down when my brother and I went to watch P.O.D. I'm watching the video, getting excitied because of the nostalgic feelings that start to tingle in my bones. All up until THAT OLD GUY is crowd surfing, THEN pulled up on stage by Sonny to sing "Alive". Is this real!? Haha. Whaaat a dream come true! Next thing you know P.O.D has a new front man old enough to be all of their dads. And it's not like hes standing there contemplating whether it's worth possibily stretching a muscle, he goes ape! Even doing a mini circuit around the stage to cheer on the other band members. He gave me a good chuckle, as well as a good reminder that age really is nothing but a number.


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