Sunday, May 27, 2012

NZ Music Month

May is NZ music month and since the start of this month I have been meaning to dedicate a post to NZ music. But such is life and since May is almost over I decided this cannot wait any longer. If there was ever one thing that I love and really appreciate about the land of Hobbits and Elves, its their local music and the pretty amazing support that it's shown on home turf. These videos are new NZ music that I feel need some props and a good shout out. 

The Black Seeds - Pippy Pip
This is a definite favourite of mine right now. It's so light and airy. I feel like I could almost float off and sleep among the clouds when I listen to it. I have to say I love when those horns kick in, makes you wanna jive.

Six60 - Forever
Okay, so this song isn't exactly "new" anymore, but it's never ending play on local radios is keeping that "new single" dream alive lol. PLUS, I had to include this. Dare I say this will be one of those classic timeless kiwi songs that will always bring you back to that uplifting, heart pumping, chest thumping feeling that you had the very first time you heard it. And the video will never let you forget it.

Ladyhawke - Black White & Blue
Shout out to Ladyhawke who has a new album out called Anxiety! This isn't her newest single, but it is the first single off her new album. Firstly the video, it's quite nice to see Ladyhawke looking very clean, cut and a little bit the fashionista lol. The song is no doubt reminiscent of her previous album with that very subtle electro feel and that's  what I really like that about this song. She also always seems to have killer bridges.

Shapeshifter - Monarch
New Album, New single. Howzz abbouutt thaatt aayyy!! I hear this and it brings me back to when I saw these guys live. It was probably the single most amazing live performance by a band that I have ever seen. You really can't appreciate drum & bass untill you've seen/heard it live. So when I heard this new single, I had to find out when they were going to be touring BECAUSE seriously, I can just imagine how nuts I'd be going to this at a live show.

Janine and The Mixtape - Bullets
I wanted to include this because I feel like you don't see a whole lot of R'n'B ballads come out of kiwi female artists. Janine has some serious pipes and I like the Pop/R'n'B feel of this song. What's kinda ticking at me a little bit, the kind of ticking where you see someone's shirt tag out and you feel the need to tuck it in, is what Janine is doing with her hands in this video. It reminds me of Will Ferrell on Taladaega Nights where he didn't know what to do with his hands. I wish they didn't do so many full body shots?


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