Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Treasures of the Week: 3rd Edition

This post has taken a million years and a day for me to post, just because I haven't come across any noteworthy internet finds! Annoying. But I am going ahead with it, to which you will find a fairly decent list of this and that.  Expect a few silly laughs, encouragement, strange but curious sounds and some "nooo waay" footage.

1. Kobe Mims
Everyone loves to hate on his notorious and highly debated "no pass, shoot" attitude and I think it's hilarious. I also think the Kobe vs. Lebron debate is just as hilarious because whether you like it or not, 5 rings trump any talent in this business.

2. P.O.D - In the Studio with Howard Benson
Just announced!! P.O.D's new album will be out June 19th!! They hooked with up renowned producer Howard Benson, who they worked with on their previous old school albums, WHICH MEANS this new album will have that old sound that fans have been yearning for.

3. Listener - Wooden Heart
My favorite band right now. This song has been on replay for weeks. They call it "talk music". It is so beautiful how they express words in a way I've never heard. This song reminds me of how imperfect and flawed I am. How my inadequacies is what connects me to God and His people. That even in my insecurities and grief as a complete wreck Christ remains my anchor and belief in victory over my failures.

4. Family - Short Film
I didn't expect what I saw in this video. It's almost identical to my own life. Isn't it always a nice surprise when you're not the only one who has crazies in their family.

5. Marriage
I came across this on another blog. This couple wanted to pray before the marriage ceremony, but they didn't want to see each other. Giving every moment to God right to the end, trusting each other and trusting Him.

6. PNC - Half Kast
The identity dillemas or rather, the hard explained identity structure of a Half Kast. PNC does an amazing job at making sense of it all. Great Hip Hop.

7. How to hug a baby
I LOVE dogs, and because of long childhood years of pet deprivation, my love for dogs has been mounting and mounting. So I decided that the only cure is to one day raise 10 dogs on a farm, one for every year of going without one as a child. So, when I came across this, I almost died, I wish I was that baby.

8. Love & Death - Chemicals
This is Brian "Head" Welch's new band and this is their second single, WHICH has been on repeat for the past few weeks. Dare I say this song is in my top 10 of 2012 music I will be killing till the year is over. The video will give you shivers, but try look past the crazy eyes for a second and find what is being portrayed. Little fun fact? The drummer is like this 17yr old musical prodigy.

9. Brian "Head" Welch and Korn
So in case you didn't know who in the WHAT I was talking about when I said "This is Brian Head Welch's new band..." He use to be the guitarist for Korn. His life took a whirlwind turn when he gave his life to Christ. In 2005 he left Korn. Now, he's this amazing speaker, father and frontman to Love and Death. A couple days ago at the Carolina Rebellion Festival, Head joined Korn on stage to sing "Blind", which was the first time in 7 years! Korn Frontman Jonathan Davis, introduced him by saying “I want to bring out one of my dearest, oldest and most beloved old friends to come out and have some fun with us,”. God is so faithful, so good and so beautiful. That is everything that is conveyed in this picture. It had me watery-eyed. I included Head's testimony below the picture, I remember watching it at a time when God was breaking and disciplining me.

10. Dubstep Violin
Let's end on an insane note shall we? This guy makes me wish I spent my entire childhood indoors practicing the violin. What. A. Freak.

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