Monday, April 30, 2012

Crucial Words that Begin Crucial Questions.

What. Where. How. When. Who. Why.

If you've never asked yourself a question beginning with these words then you're either Super human or not human at all. These words constantly bombard us from the moment we wake up. It's quite the norm to the say the least. We wonder "what will we have for breakfast?", "where are my keys?", "how am I always running out of sugar?", "when should I get groceries?", "who keeps parking in my spot?" or "why did it have to rain today?". The usual everyday questions that wrap our lives into a bearable chaos.

But, what about the specific, deep rooted versions of these questions that we fear to say out loud or even admit that we think them? "What's going to happen if I leave or if I stay?", "Where am I truly meant to be?", "How am I going to get through this heartbreak?", "When will I meet my Husband/Wife?", "Why did you take him/her away?".

There are a million specific and crucial questions we dare ask God. Let me challenge you, If God never told you the answer to some of your most painstaking questions, would you still trust Him?

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