Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sonny on a cold night.

It's not everyday that God brings people who have a relentless fire and passion for Him across the seas and right to your doorstep. The day after the P.O.D concert, my brother and I had the wonderful opportunity to hear and meet these extraordinary human beings, who essentially were just like us, a bunch of nobodys who only by God's grace and perfect love know of a better way, a way to experience and know a merciful and loving God.

On April 12th 2012, I met Sonny Sondoval of P.O.D and co-founder of the Whosoevers. One of the greatest and life-changing moments of my life. I want to be clear here, it was not because I got to meet the singer of my all time favourite band. Far from it, it was life-changing because he expressed and put into words a heart that God had been creating in me for the past 3 months. And I was reminded of what God told me years ago, to serve Him fearlessly no matter the cost.

Praise God for allowing me to share with Sonny things that have been on my heart, things that have changed in me because of how God has used this movement in my own life. Sonny is such a chill, sweet and humble person. My heart burned with fire as he spoke to me about his own heart for this generation and young people. 

He's also the easiest person to talk to, straight off the bat we joking about the concert last night and how I had so many chances to take his hat but I didn't want to be rude haha! Really tash...rude? You know what was crazy though? As soon as he saw me he goes "oh you were in the pitt right?" I'm standing there like a deer caught in headlights like "What! You remember me!?". He then said "Yeah of course! You were right there going crazy and I saw your T-shirt." I was both embarassed and honored haha. We spoke about his family, the upcoming conference, P.O.D, prayer and a whole bunch of other things. My brother and I walked away feeling so refreshed and ready to take on the world. It was surreal and I still can't believe I had those conversations. Wherever you are now with God, don't be afraid to do more and be more. If you've walked away or never even known Him, let me tell you...He is waiting for you and ready to make you new. All you need to do is come exactly as you are. 

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