Thursday, June 28, 2012

Single Ladies! Let the man sleep already!

My beautiful and SINGLE Christian girls, young women and women! I came across this little thing and I wanted to share it. I hope it encourages you as much as it did for me. The poetry is fragmented as if written at different times, while discovering new knowledge. At some points I almost envision myself thinking and doing exactly what is written. It's quite vunerable, but it has a warrior spirit about it. Enjoy :)

A Sleeping Man

No lips, no touch
I'll search you with my spirit
and I'll call you with my heart
Patience, for you
waiting in the quiet
holding on to the Truth.

Slumber for the moment
let your eyes grow heavy
rest your broken bones
and your beaten body.
Pay no mind to time
or each passing season.
Remain in deep sleep
let your alarm be of godly reason

Make no haste to awaken
there is no rush
I will be here always
You will find me in His trust

I've fought many battles
and braved many storms
preparing for you my heart
knowing that the day I would see you
would not be long.

My emotions are hidden away in grace.
Unmoved by encounters of superficial embrace.
Locked away like treasure
that only your hands will gather.
Though my days grow older
I will not succumb to what this world may offer.
Predestined to be one
Though, if you never come
My first love compares to none.

And when twilight prepares for the dark
and starry blanket of a night sky
I imagine you piece by piece
broken and built with intricacy for great glory.
I wonder if you have dreamt of me.
I wonder what you see.
Though I am careful not to entertain a fantasy.

May my love wait till time is perfect and beautiful.
And may time never show on my beating heart.
I will not waste it with worry.
For like the way shadows flee
at light's command
you will be made plain to me & I to you.

So hush now curious mind and roaring heart.
Do not awaken love before its time.
Sleep soundly brave man.
His voice will wake you in due time.
"Until then", HE says, "his heart remains mine."

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