Friday, March 29, 2013

Music with actual noise

I was loitering in the halls of the videos masses that is youtube and thought I'd start getting proactive with my searches instead of just blindly and somewhat neurotically clicking whatever the suggested column displayed. I typed in one of my dearly loved favorite bands since last Summer, Boy and Bear....BUT I added "live". Because honestly, with Indie and folk bands their recorded tracks, though still wonderful! Are no match for what they deliver live. The story and emotions in their songs come alive and you find yourself mesmerized by each instrument and the person behind it-- their timing, skill and the way they interact with each other. So that went into search and one of the top searches was this song below "Feeding Line". You know that moment when all you need to hear is a few notes of the beginning of a song you haven't heard in a long time and every memory and feeling that you once associated with that song comes flooding through you? Well..."Feeding Line" was exactly that. It took me back to that crappy 2012 Summer in Auckland. The newly released Boy and Bear album was all I listened to and this song I murdered quite badly. I still love it though, but I might give it a few months till I listen to it again. HOWEVER, hearing it live was refreshing and I really did feel as if I was a year younger, walking along the pavement on a warm day thinking "it'll be cold soon why am I wearing this". WHICH THEN gave me the idea, I think I'm going to post some of my favorite live songs, because we all know that some songs are much better sung live, and that's why we jump on the youtube to mp3 converter. Yeah you know what I'm talkin BOUT!

Boy and Bear - Feeding Line

Brooke Fraser - Orphans, Kingdoms
I SWEAR there was one live amateur recording of this same song that I use to obsessively listen to, that I was pretty sure I was the 1000 views listed but I couldn't find it!! But this one is still a good one. Mainly because that drum intro is haunting and powerful and hearing her voice live against those drums just kills me, I love her.

Florence and The Machine - Dog Days are Over
I stumbled across this video back in uni and it was the first time I had heard this song. At the time "You've got the love" was still hot on the airwaves, but when I heard this I was blown away at how beautiful her live voice and performance is. After this I couldn't listen to the recorded version.

P.O.D - Alive
They're singing at Anaheim Stadium, so it's a pretty massive location. My love for this one isn't performance because there's better ones lol. But I don't know when I watch this I just get so hype.

Lupe Fiasco - Words I never said Live at the UCLA Jazz/Reggae Festival
I was at this festival and I swear when the beat dropped for this song everyone just went out THEY MINDSS!! Sikkest performance I've ever seen, Lupe is crazy energy!

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