Thursday, January 31, 2013

No time for Discretion!

S.O...... two letters is all he goes by. My favourite rapper right now and most probaby for a long time to come. He is an urban Psalmist. A poet who speaks in complete vunerability. He does not spare his flaws for reveal, he is Biblicial in his praise, he is relevant, he slays the inauthentic realism that this generation projects on themselves and others, he is daring -- with fire he will speak to your heart.
I've been meaning to post about S.O. for a while now, but I wanted to wait for his new album "S.O. it continues" to drop. I love this video, the black and white with the highlighted reds and oranges. It has such a vintage feel to it. They did good to rap on a sunset canvas. S.O. rips his bars apart, such a talented brother, did ya catch his Brit/American accent?
I appreciate hip hop that is created out of a love and humility that pays no mind to the lights and the numbers. I believe good hip hop or music is creating for The Creator.

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